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"Vintage Inspired Design with a Modern Twist"

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Ida May Polly

 Ida May

Ida is my grandmother. Her photo is what inspired me to learn how to restore old photos, and still challenges me today. Every year or so, I tackle this project again, and each year, I get better. Grandma I love you but why in the world did you take scissors to your picture!


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Ida Parks

Ida's photo came to me in a terrible mess. The image was water damaged, had patches of mold, and a large missing portion of her forhead and hairline were missing.

Her 3rd cousin is so thrilled with the transformation that she is considering having me colorize it.


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Mary Ann Massie Vaughn

This is probably one of the most damaged photos that I have ever worked on. A portion of her skirt and apron is missing, plus there is large portions of damage and stains over the rest of the photo.

Ida May Polly


Poor little Elizabeth's face has a stain clear across her chubby cheeks and nose. While not that apparent, there are other numerous stains, scratches, and spotting all over the rest of the photos. I corrected the dark, brown tones, fixed her face and remove the rest of the damage. Her great granddaughter is thrilled with the results.


Lofgren Family Get-together

This photo presented several challenges including a red color cast, large missing section affecting two women's skirts and the top of a man's head, blown out sections with little detail left, and the usual scratches, dust marks, spots, and speckles.


Lofgren Family Portrait

This photo is typical of most of the images I receive for restoration. Scratches, specks, and a couple ares that have lost some detail, but overall, not a major repair.

Ida May Polly

Jussell Children

This restoration was rather challenging in that I did not have a scan from the original photo, but rather a Cannon color copy from the 1990s. A lot of detail was blown out, missing, or otherwise compromised. Because there was so much missing information, this became a several hour restoration. The client is thrilled with the results.


Keller Farm

I scanned a series of 10 slides from the early 1960s for Glenn Keller. All of the slides had a horrible red cast. After correcting the color cast, the slides revealed a fascinating picture of life on a 2nd generation family Colorado ranch.

It is rare to see a grown man cry, but I came close to this when I brought him back his slides and prints.


Amanda Massie

Amanda's photo had several problems, the worst of which was the flag, which had run and faded. Only the flag itself was colorized, Probably with watercolors by Amanda herself (a common pastime). Based on the date of the circa 1900-1905 photo, I determined that the original flag was a 45 star flag. After cleaning up the damage and fixing the color tones, I repainted in the flag. About 2 hours of work