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Photo Colorization

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Ida May Polly


I love this candid photo of a little boy, doing what boys do - acting silly. I took out the yellow color cast, cleaned up a few spots, added his shoes back in where someone had cut them off, then added color.


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I love working on young children's portraits. Buddy's photo was already in pretty good condition so I was able to focus most of my alloted time on coloring.


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Unknown Girl

I found this photo in a box at a flea market and fell in love with her. My best guess is that the original photo is circa 1880s. Don't you just wonder what the event was? Is that a church in the background? This photo is in remarkable shape considering its age, but it still took a few hours of focused work to bring her to life.

Ida May Polly

Mary Elizabeth

Minor repairs to Mary's photo, then colorized with layers of soft colors. The end result looks as if her picture walked out of the photographer's studio yesterday instead of almost 90 years ago.



Yes, this is me. Taken on my cousin Nella Lee's farm in the late spring of 1952. I still have that dress, so it was easier knowing what the original color was, plus what the little Scottie dog and calico cat looked like.


Unknown Toddler

I found this adorable little girl online and just had to practice my coloring skills on her. I think she came out looking fantastic! On the surface, her photo had very few problems, but once I enlarged it, I found that someone had already tried to retouch it. There were large smear marks, especially in the sky and grass. All taken care of now..

Ida May Polly

Betty Lou

This is another photo where the actual restoration is minimal, but carefully building up several layers of color, takes several hours. This is one of the photos where it is easy to get lost in the process..


Early Ambrotype

This lovely girl shows the ravages of time, but enough of her original image and colors remained to make this a photo worth restoring. I cleaned up the stains in the background, including where the black painted on the back of the glass is visible. I then repainted the girl, closely matching her original colors, just brightened up a bit. About 3 hours of work.

Amanda Massie

Amanda's photo had several problems, the worst of which was the flag, which had run and faded. Only the flag itself was colorized, Probably with watercolors by Amanda herself (a common pastime). Based on the date of the circa 1900-1905 photo, I determined that the original flag was a 45 star flag. After cleaning up the damage and fixing the color tones, I repainted in the flag. About 2 hours of work


Ida May Polly

1937 Sharecropper's Son

12 year old son of a cotton sharecropper, Cleveland, Mississippi, in the Delta area, by Dorothea Lange 1937.


1920s Bride

All brides are beautiful and this one from the 1920s chose a medieval theme for her gown. Lovely.

Dora Wilson

Dora is posing on a bench in front of a studio backdrop. Her photo was taken in Manchester, Adams, Ohio about 1913 or 1914. Dora aka Nell lived well into her 90s and this was a gift to her before she passed on in 2008.